Presidents Message

President's Message from 1908

As would have been seen in the 1908 Edition of The Business Directory of Nova Scotia. Sometimes it just seems like it’s been more than 100 years - Darrell Chaisson.

"An important branch of commercial activity and one deserving of special mention - in a review of the leading business interests of Nova Scotia - is the manufacture of travel cases, trunks and re-usable shipping containers. The trade in these articles in late years has developed to large proportions stimulated by active demand in many industries.

Much of the credit for the prosperous condition of this industry is due to the firm of Ocean Case Co. Ltd. The firm was established in 1881 in the Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. In consequence of increased business the company was relocated to its present location.

The factory now located at 252 Aerotech Drive, Enfield, Nova Scotia. It is considered by competent judges to be one of the most complete and well equipped establishments in the industry. The works are very extensive and admirably equipped with all of the latest machinery known to the trade.

The company is led by its founder Mr. Darrell Chaisson whose energy and skill oversees the prompt and skillful delivery of all custom and off-the-shelf products.

To those who desire custom cases trunks and containers, this house commends itself as one that can be implicitly relied upon to furnish such commodities with superior service in all respects. Individuals, OEM’s, Government Departments and Large Buyers should not fail to examine carefully the products manufactured and supplied by this esteemed company."